WorkLife Blog – February


The WorkLife Committee is responsible for providing YPS members with services, information and events related to professional and personal development. We are very excited to incorporate the CEO luncheon planning team. We will work closely with the events committee throughout the year to coordinate themes and provide the best value to our members.

WORKLIFE BALANCE WHEELwellness_wheel-Feb-Blog

There are many diagrams illustrating WorkLife balance. The committee reviewed several charts, graphs, and wheels and realized they liked bits and pieces of each diagram. What we came up with is the WorkLife Balance Wheel. The Wheel focuses on several topics that are common to most of us.

The committee hopes to touch on each topic throughout the year. This may be in the form of a CEO Luncheon, special event, or through the monthly blog.


The effects of an unbalanced life can have a negative impact on your overall health. Physical effects include cardiovascular disease, weaker immune system, muscle strains such as stiff neck, headaches and backaches, and intimacy issues. Effects on mental health include poor coping skills, irritability, feeling exhausted, addictive behaviors such as over-eating, binge drinking, or gambling, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. These effects often impact personal relationships and work performance.

The Committee recommends using the WorkLife Balance Wheel to help evaluate your own life. Do you feel “balanced”? Are you carrying more weight in one or two of the topics than in others? Do you wish you had more time to devote to certain topics?

The Wheel helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what’s off balance. Begin by evaluating how much time you spend in each of the topics identified in the wheel. Then consider what the ideal level of attention is for each topic. Is the actual time spent equal to the ideal level of attention? Identify where you are spending too much time and where there are gaps. Make a plan to address changes to these areas.

Two highly recommended tips for coping when life is unbalanced are writing and meditating. Both activities help to alleviate stress and provide clarity.


The WorkLife Committee is excited to announce its plans for the New Year! We have an exciting year coming up! As a committee, we have set a goal of providing four events annually. We have several activities already in the works, including:

  • YPS has teamed up with Springfield Symphony Orchestra to offer discounted tickets to two amazing shows in February. Use code YPSFEB15 to receive 25% off these shows. Saturday, February 7thThe Music of Michael Jackson and Saturday, February 21stLatin Guitar.
  • YP CUP Dodgeball Tournament March 14th at Springfield College;
  • It’s not all about work! Enjoy a fun and relaxing night with Wine & Canvas. Coming this spring!
  • Monthly CEO luncheons;
  • Stay tuned for more events sponsored by Common Capital; and
  • Look for our monthly blogs. Each month will have its own theme.


  • Try these quizzes to see if your life is in balance. Adapted from Simply your life with Kids. 100 Ways to Make Family Life Easier and More Fun, this thorough quiz examines various aspects of your life and includes resources and useful tips. Short on time? Try this short quiz from the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Best wishes for 2015!