Member Spotlight – Elms

Elms College MBA: Community, Ethics, Experience

Nancy Davis: Longmeadow

  • Business Development for Elms College MBA Program
  • Support the growth of the MBA program through community and business engagement
  • Son – Matthew – 17 – jr in HS
  • Working at Elms College for 6 years – 5 in career development – 1 in business development
  • Graduated from Elms College MBA in 2015
  • First job: Camp Counselor / Lifeguard
  • Favorite Movie: Batman Begins
  • Favorite Color: Pink and Blue
  • Success: Being Happy
  • Funniest most embarrassing thing: maybe that Batman Begins is my favorite movie
  • When not working or at a YPS event you will find me : PLAYING TENNIS OR WATCHING TENNIS
  • Career advice I received: Be you, know your strengths and work with them
  • Mentor and Influential Person: Stacy Fontaine – she was the person who brought me into recruiting when I lived in VA. She built my confidence, gave great advice, developed my strengths.
  • 15 years from now: continuing to enjoy life
  • Key to success: Be true to yourself, have great friends that will support you in good times and bad
  • Unlimited time and money for positive impact for greater Springfield:
  • Legacy: that I helped people to do something – whether that be start, make their next move or recognize their own power and strength

Stefany Scliopou: Springfield

  • Elms College MBA Program Coordinator
  • Communication, organization and all administrative tasks involving MBA student enrollment, progress and special programs
  • Husband and son
  • Working at Elms 2 years
  • In school at Elms for MBA
  • First Job: Bus girl at a local Deli
  • Success: an equal balance of enjoying your job, salary and personal life (happy at work and play)
  • Funniest/Embarrassing: Dressing up as a slice of bacon for halloween and showing up to work realizing no one else dressed up!!!
  • When not working or at a YPS event you will find me : Doing family activities in the community
  • Career advice I received: hard work and perserverance pay off
  • Influential person: Kim Kenney-Rockwal
  • Key to success: Learning agile and relationship building

Kim Kenney-Rockwal: Chicopee

  • Elms College MBA Program Director
  • Assess MBA program, update and enhance courses, hire faculty, develop curriculum, review and interview candidates for program, strategic planning to grow and meet the needs of the region for MBA education
  • Husband Scott, Son Ryan Daughter Emily
  • Working at Elms College for 3.5 years
  • MBA from Western New England University
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Success: being challenged, feeling rewarded, and making a difference everyday
  • When not working or at a YPS event you will find me : running a booster club for softball or lacrosse, or playing tennis
  • Career advice I received: be the best version of yourself
  • Mentor and Influential Person: my Dad
  • 15 years from now: spending time in the mountains and the beach while consulting and teaching
  • Key to success: People! understanding people, what motivates them
  • Unlimited time and money for positive impact for greater Springfield: programming for all kids to learn and apply life skills
  • Legacy: by developing others to achieve their full potential